Henbant Bach, Tain Lon, Clynnog Fawr, Gwynedd, LL54 5DF

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Henbant has meadows, pasture, woodland, lakes and stunning views of both sea and mountain. They grow veg, meat, eggs and milk, but on a small and regenerative human scale that provides food and fuel for their home, their visitors and the local community. As well as being productive, Henbant is a place where people can come and slow down for a while, to think about what matters in the world and what the world needs us to give back. Regenerative agriculture and Permaculture Farming producing food in ways which actively create a healthy, functioning ecosystem and increasing biodiversity. They supply regenerativley grown, no-dig veg boxes, 100% Pasture fed beef and lamb and eggs from pastured, organically fed hens. Raw milk from grass fed, happy cows that get to keep their calves is the project for Summer 2021.